"These are some of my tips for writing. Enjoy!"

"Not so fast, Emma. You aren't a famous author. Why should anyone believe your advice?"

"No! A writer shouldn't trust ANY advice. A writer has to have her own feelings about what's good and bad. Then follow those feelings."

"You're kidding, right?"

People joke about writing? "No?"

"So beginning writers should be suspicious of advice."

"Suspicious isn't the right word." Ughh, I'm being compulsive. "If advice seems reasonable, try it. Also look if other authors are following that advice."

"I think we're still at the first question. Why should people read possibly bad advice from you."

"Because it's good, unique advice." I don't have time to give bad advice or the exact same advice you can get somewhere else.

"Do you expect people to believe that?"

I shrug. When they read the advice, sure. I guess it could be somewhere else, how would I know? It's so frustrating.

"You have to learn to be more positive."

It's hard.