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How to Know if You'll Like a Book

Temporarily Stopping

It's a good book, but you need to get to sleep, or work, or whatever. But the author has set a hook in your mouth -- some problem that needs to be solved, a difficulty that needs to be surmounted, etc.

The basic solution is to realize you have this problem, then read until the problem is solved. Then set down the book.

Yes, there are only a few pages left in the chapter. Yes, it is tempting to at least read the next paragraph to find out where things go. But that next paragraph has the next hook.

You are the author have different goals. You want to enjoy the book and your life; the author wants you to keep reading. That's why the chapter breaks are at the worst possible time to stop.

You can also read ahead in the chapter to discover how the current problem is solved.

What if the start is boring?

What if I just want to stop because I need to do something else (like work or sleep)?