"Short stories! What a good way to show off your talent, Emma."

"Um . . . not exactly." This is awkward. "The things I like to do most don't fit in a short story." Emotional growth mostly. Repetition with variation and caring about the characters.

"So, we are here why?" He's annoyed.

"Well, some of my stories are good. And, it's hard to explain –"

"No one wants to hear that, Emma."

"– but I can write in different styles." Plus, I'm proud of my stories.

Nice Stories

Hope (adult)
Stranger at the Door (Y/A. She interviews her biological father)
Christmas Future (Santa meets global warming.)

Rewrites in a Different Style

John Green
Sequential Phrase Grammar

Note. These are rewrites of someone else's story, which in turn were written to prompts. When I change style, I also change some content, but I leave a lot in place too.

And . . .

Eyes in the Dark (Horror)

Note. This story attempts to use the so-called "supporting" narration.