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How to Know if You'll Like a Book

The Hook

Your brain has a compulsion to find out missing information. That's really good. It drives you to learn about the world.

And it can be used against you. The sociopathic serial killer has kidnapped the young girl. Can the hero/heroine save her? You want to keep reading to find out. Do you want to read an entire book for that moment of pleasure when you find out she is saved?

No. Even modern writing theory knows you aren't that stupid. Instead, the main character has a problem, you keep reading to see if that problem is solved, when it is the main character has a new problem, and you want to find out if that gets solved.

That repeats all the way to the ending.

And when you are done, you are supposed to say to yourself, I must have liked that book, because I read it all. (Cognitive Dissonance Theory).

No. Books can be enjoyable to read. They should be enjoyable to read. Do not read a book that isn't enjoyable.

I'm already hooked. Save me!