Making a Hole in the Upcoming Story

When the prologue is taken from the regular timeline and moved to the front of the book, what is the author supposed to do with the newly-created hole in the regular timeline?

Repeat it verbatim? That's awkward.

The prologue above is not repeated verbatim when it returns in the regular time line. Only four paragraphs are used to describe it, two of them short and one partial. One paragraph describes the actual sale, which you might remember was left out of the prologue. So, at the point in the book when the scene would be awesome, there is little description of it.

Also, if the reader skips over the prologue – which I would advise readers to do – the reader misses most of the scene.

There is also a problem breaking the scene in two, putting essential information in two different places.

All of that damage, just to sell a book. Why does the world work this way?

Return to the prologue announcing a character's death. I didn't read it. Nothing was spoiled for me. But the event in the prologue was left out of the book, so when I got to that point in the story, I was a confused reader.