17. Constructing Metaphors

This advice is more psychological in nature than writing technique. And just a suggestion.

Today I asked myself, what was I feeling? Your writing problem might be to describe how your character is feeling.

First, I cleared my mind of other thoughts, and filled my mind with that feeling. Then I let something come to mind. (I didn't force anything.)

Whatever comes to mind is the start of a description. When you get that far, you need to think about how well that fits whatever you are trying to describe. And you need to think about what the differences are.

You can also ask: What situation would produce this feeling? An answer to that question is probably a metaphorical.

Once, I had been looking forward to my weekend so much, and it had finally started, but I couldn't feel the joy. How do I explain this feeling?

This is what came to mind: It was like wanting to eat a piece of chocolate, setting it down, and then not remembering where I put it – it's there somewhere, but I can't find it. (Nothing seemed to work as well as food and chocolate for that simile.)