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The Awesome Moment

I will define the Awesome moment as, first a moment. It is not a scene, or even most of your good lines in a scene. It could be an image, single action, or single piece of dialogue.

Second -- wait for it -- it's awesome. Or semi-awesome, or at least you think so. The techniques for writing the Awesome Moment take special care, including what I call isolation. You would not waste that on a moment unless you thought it deserved special attention.

Apparently, most authors don't even realize these exist, and so they don't include them in their writing. So I am, first, telling you about something new. And second, I will tell you how to write them -- there's a relatively good formula for writing these.

(This is not in any way the same thing as the resolution to the thrilling climax.)

Example 1

How often?

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