Hey! I'm looking for people who would be willing to read a chapter of my book The Art of (Modern, Powerful) Punctuation & Grammar. (Or more than one chapter, of course, but most of the chapters stand by themselves.)

It tends to be new, so don't expect to read a lot of things you already know.

Email me or IM me at Writing Forums. Tell me what chapter you want, and I can email it or tell you where to find it. Or I can even post it at Writing Forums.

Section I: Using PaG to Add Life
Italics and All-Caps (Adding Emotion)
       Interlude: How Much is Too Much?
Dashes, Ellipses, & Other Pauses
       Interlude: Pitch
The Art of Fragments
       Interlude: Mimicking Thinking
More New PaG

Section II: Words

Using Adverbs Well
Active Versus Passive Verbs (& Grammatical Simplicity)
And Some Connecting Words (Conjunctions)

Section III: Punctuation (Dem Dry Bones)
       Interlude: A Matter of Style
       Interlude: The Roles of Punctuation
Combining Two Sentences (Grammatically)
       Interlude: The Pitch of Punctuation Marks
The Colon
Combining Two Sentences (Ungrammatically)
Combining Two Sentences (Final Thoughts)
Adding Extra Information (Parentheses, the Double Comma, and the Double Dash)

Section IV: The Comma, Lowliest of Punctuations
Surprising Comma Roles
       Interlude: The Rules of Grammar?
The Great Comma Problem
Sequential Phrase Grammar
Action and Idyllic Scenes (Conjecture)


Appendix 1: Rarer Effects
Appendix 2: Copy-Editing Issues
Appendix 3: How Do We Know Pitch?
Appendix 4: Wizards