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Frequency of the Awesome Moment

Sophie Kinsella is the Queen of the Awesome Moment -- she has the best. She probably averages one or two a book, so we are NOT talking about something that occurs a lot.

The Fault in Our Stars, my favorite book, has none. I can't see any place where there should have been an Awesome Moment. So there's nothing wrong with no Awesome Moments in your book.

My current WIP probably has about twenty. So they can be common too. It's kind of a children's book, so they fit into that format easily. I doubt you can pull off 20 in an adult book.

But: Don't have an Awesome Moment in your mind, then think you can just describe it and everything will be okay. It won't be okay, and it won't be an Awesome moment in reading. You need to use proper technique.

So, to summarize, you are not trying to put an Awesome Moment in every scene. You are trying to be on the lookout for them and write them correctly when they occur.

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