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Emma Sohan

My latest writing advice is on creating suspense. It's useful advice, I don't think you're going to find it anywhere else. Same for the other writing advice, like kiss scenes.

Dead Body Girl is a book you can read. My short stories show that I can write in different styles. Plus I'm proud of them.

My books specialize in slow emotional growth and motivated changes; they have action, humor, romance, and lots of emotions, and there's a complexity in the simplicity, and –"

"You're monologuing."

"Sorry." I look down at my feet.

"You wrote a book on punctuation and grammar?"

"Yes! It's an amazing book. No one realizes how important punctuation and grammar are, or all the possibilities, or how much can be done, or the –"

"Do you expect anyone to believe that?"

No, not really. "You can read the start." That sounds lame.

"Could I point out, Author Girl, that you write like a high school student?"

"Could I point out, Critic Boy, that I write in first person present and my main character is usually a high school student?"

"No ranting – it just alienates your visitors. Now, do you have any last words?"

"Last words?" I sputter. "I was just starting."

"Fine," I say with a little disgust. "I love writing. I love reading my books over and over. I really hope – and believe – you will too. They're entertaining, but I hope in a tiny way they also help you become a better person. Or else I would not bother writing them."

Emma Sohan