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Emma Sohan

BETTER WRITING: Great essays on starts and metaphoricals. I work really hard to make sure my essays are correct, and complete. I wouldn't bother if you could read this information somewhere else.


This book is mandatory reading for writing well -- afaik, it is the only book on modern grammar. This book teaches you how to use punctuation and grammar as tools, to achieve the effect you want.

It is very unlikely you already know what is in my book. More explanation here. It is currently available at Smashwords and should be soon in other places.

Dead Body Girl:

He's dead.

I'm frozen in the doorway. I can't stop staring -- I wasn't expecting a dead body.

I'm supposed to be here -- Mrs. Andersen told me to get a top hat from this storage room. The dead body is NOT supposed to be here.


My website on cutting edge grammar is here.

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Should a book be enjoyable to read?

That's NOT the goal in conventional writing theory. The dominant model is to get a hook into your upper lip so that you cannot escape, so that you must keep reading to find out what happens. There is no mention of your enjoyment.

If a book is not enjoyable, skip to the ending.

Emma Sohan