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How to Know if You'll Like a Book

Emma Sohan

NEW! Using Synedoche in Writing. The only guide.

RECENT 16 tips for writing better metaphoricals!

Grammar and Punctuation. Simple Phrase Grammar is the hidden grammar of English. You need to read this book to understand grammar. download. I also have the only book on modern grammar. download.

The Awesome Moment. Most writers are not even aware of this concept! You can learn to do it easily.

Should a book be enjoyable to read?

That's NOT the goal in conventional writing theory. The dominant model is to get a hook into your upper lip so that you cannot escape, so that you must keep reading to find out what happens. There is no mention of your enjoyment.

If a book is not enjoyable, skip to the ending.

And then you are participating in The Great Reading Revolt. Thank you. Books are important. Reading is important. Let's make this a better world.

A hook in my upper lip? Really?

I'm pretty much the only one writing about modern grammar in fiction. If you could read three books on grammar, one should be on the hidden grammar of English, now available free.

Dead Body Girl is a book you can read. My short stories show that I can write in different styles. Plus I'm proud of them.

My books specialize in slow emotional growth and motivated changes; they have action, humor, romance, and lots of emotions, and there's a complexity in the simplicity, and –"

Emma Sohan